• Total Flight Experience in excess of 3,000 hours
  • Commercial Jet Experience in excess of 500 hours <New>
  • 250 hrs. PIC -or-
  • 250 hrs., of which 70 hrs. are PIC and remaining experience is PICUS/P1 Under Supervision (PUS) -or-
  • 500 hrs. PICUS/P1 Under Supervision
  • 100 hrs. PIC Cross Country;
  • 200 hrs. Cross Country;
  • 100 hrs. Night Flight;
  • 75 hrs. Instrument Flight;
  • Valid ICAO Member State ATPL
  • ICAO Level 4 English
  • ICAO Valid Jet Aircraft Command Rating or
  • ICAO Jet Aircraft Type Rating with a Command Instrument Rating
  • Valid ICAO Member State Class 1 Medical Certificate

Corrective Eye Surgery procedures (such as LASIK or PRK) are now being accepted by AJX and JCAB.  Additional testing will be required.

Those holding ICAO ATPL and Instrument Ratings with expiration dates, must keep license and ratings valid 6 months beyond class commencement. 



Step 1:  Read the application instructions below.  Air Japan staff will reject applications with errors and omissions.  Please complete the application with attention to detail.  Failure to follow these specific instructions will result in the delay or rejection of your application.  Before completing the application form, please be sure your logbook is up-to-date.  Please have totals shown on the  last page of your logbook (even if the page is not full up).  If you have not kept a logbook up-to-date, please create an electronic logbook.  

Step 2:  Complete the Checklist, Application Form, and A/E Form below.  

Step 3:  Upload Required Documents (see list below) online by clicking on one of the Registration Buttons below.  Save a copy of your application and documents to your computer and upload a copy to your online account by clicking on one of the Register buttons below.  If you are Airbus or Boeing rated, please register by clicking accordingly on either button below.  If you only have military experience, register by clicking the military button below.  Lastly if you are a civilian airline transport pilot with neither Airbus or Boeing ratings, please register under the "Other Pilots" button below.  





Required Documents:

  1. ICAO ATPL (include type ratings)
  2. ICAO Class One Medical (must be valid)
  3. Command Instrument Rating
  4. Radio License
  5. English Proficiency Endorsement (Level 4 or higher)
  6. ID Page of Passport
  7. Last 3 full pages of logbook
  8. Checklist
  9. Application Form
  10. Aeronautical Experience Form (AE Form)