Does AJX Provide Visa's to live in Japan?

No, AJX does not support Visa's. You are required to commute to Narita, Japan.

Do we have to pay tax in Japan?

As a non-permanent resident, no you will not be subject to income tax in Japan.

How long is training?

You may expect to start with the Air Law Exam (ATP written) - 2 weeks, followed by Ground School - 2 months, Sim and checkride - 3 months, and finally IOE or what they call OJT - 3 months.

Is there a bond or penalty to terminate my contract early?

There is no training bond. However there is a penalty for not providing 90 days notice.

Are there upgrades?

You will be given the opportunity to be evaluated for upgrade. The most Junior Captain was hired in 2012.

I have never been to Japan before, where could I learn more about their customs and points of interests?

japan-guide.com is a great website.