Does AJX Provide Visa's to live in Japan?

No, AJX does not support Visa's. You are required to commute to/from your designated crew base, currently Tokyo, Japan.

Do we have to pay tax in Japan?

As a non-permanent resident, no you will not be subject to income tax in Japan.

How long is training?

You may expect to start with the Air Law Exam (ATP written) - 2 weeks, followed by Ground School - 2 months, Sim and checkride - 3 months, and finally IOE or what they call OJT - 3 months.

Is there a bond or penalty to terminate my contract early?

There is no training bond. However there is a penalty for not providing 90 days notice.

Are there upgrades?

You will be given the opportunity to be evaluated for upgrade. The most Junior Captain was hired in 2013.

I have never been to Japan before, where could I learn more about their customs and points of interests?

japan-guide.com is a great website.