General Terms and Conditions

Contract Term:  3 Years + renewal

Block Hours:  75 hours

Bonuses:  Service Bonuses after completing each term

Annual Increases:  Annual salary increases of 3.5% /yr.

Pilot's Benefits include:

  • Medical Insurance Options
  • Bonuses
  • Annual Leave:  30 Days
  • Vacation Tickets:
    • 8 - confirmed R/T tickets provided by Asiana
    • 8 - ID90 Tickets provided by Asiana
    • Interline tickets (unlimited)
  • Tuition Support
    • KRW 720,000/year -or- USD $5,000 / year (after two terms - 6 years service)
    • maximum 2 children

This information is for illustrative purposes and is meant to provide general terms and conditions.  Terms and conditions are subject to change.  Please refer to your employment contract for more details. 


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